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SOTS Board and Teachers

Board of Elders

John Carle (SNP7, 2008, BYM)
Angi York Crane (SNP7, 2008, NYYM)
Matt Drake - Treasurer (PFF)
Eric Evans (TWM, 2009, PYM)
Nancy Fennell (SNP6, 2006, SEYM)
Michael Green Administrator, ex officio (SNP3, 1997; PFF)
Carolyn Moon (SNP1, 1992; PYM)
Anne Pomeroy (SNP7, 2008, NYYM)
Michael Wajda - Clerk (SNP1, 1992; PYM)
Susan Wilson (SNP7, 2008, NCYMC)

Guide to Acronyms
BYM Baltimore Yearly Meeting
NCYMC North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)
NYYM New York Yearly Meeting
PFF Piedmont Friends Fellowship
PYM Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
SEYM Southeastern Yearly Meeting
SNP Spiritual Nurture Program
TWM The Way of Ministry Program

Core Staff

Michael Green is a member of Chapel Hill (NC) Friends Meeting and of Piedmont Friends Fellowship. Michael completed the Spiritual Nurturer program in 1997 and joined the core staff as administrator and teacher in 2000. He is a released Friend with a concern for the nurture and care of family and communal life. He and his wife are leaders in the Couple Enrichment program of Friends General Conference.

Patty Levering is a member of Davidson (NC) Friends Meeting. She is a graduate of Earlham School of Religion and completed the Spiritual Nurturer program in May 2006, joining the core staff later that year. She has been involved with FGC, FUM, and Conservative Friends, and is especially interested in deep listening, spiritual disciplines, and Friends' interpretation of the Bible.

Beckey Phipps is a member of Fresh Pond Friends Meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts and of New York Yearly Meeting. She has a graduate degree in Theology from the Episcopal Divinity School and was in the second class of the Spiritual Nurturer program (1993-1994). She has taught at Pendle Hill and served as a core teacher for The Way of Ministry program (2008-2009), which was under the care of the School of the Spirit Ministry. Beckey has led workshops, classes, and retreats among Friends for many years and also served as coordinator of the Boston area Quaker Studies Program. Beckey currently serves as the clerk of the FGC Committee for Nurturing Ministries and previously clerked the FGC Traveling Ministries and Religious Education committees. Her publications have covered practical mysticism and social transformation among Quakers, ministry and spiritual nurture, the spirituality of institutions, religious education topics, and Bible studies.

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