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Bill Samuel, August 4, 2002
Bill Samuel

Quaker E-Mail Lists
Compiled by Bill Samuel

2018 Update: Since this page was last updated in 2008, other means of interactive communication have largely replaced listserservs. I do not know if any of these lists remain active.

There are opportunities to join in (or just read) dialogue among and about Quakers (Friends) in a number of e-mail lists. (Also see Quaker Web Discussion Forums and Usenet Group.) These are available to anyone at no charge, other than any fees for your Internet service.

An e-mail list is a means of allowing dialogue among interested people through distribution of messages (posts) from people to a list of e-mail addresses of subscribers. One sends a message to an e-mail hosting address at a list server at a computer center, which then distributes that message electronically to the e-mail addresses in the list's database. Usually, these messages are distributed as soon as they are received. However, many lists offer a digest option for those who would prefer not to receive many individual messages. With such an option, messages are accumulated and sent out periodically (at a regular interval, usually daily, or when the accumulated messages reach a certain volume) bundled together. Don't be misled by the "digest" terminology - the complete messages are distributed. When you initially subscribe to a list, you normally receive back a welcome message with information about the list, including how to invoke options that may be available for that list. You can also participate in many of these lists, such as the ones on Yahoo Groups or Topica, on the Web.


Quaker-L was the first general purpose Quaker mailing list. It has a moderator, but most messages are allowed to go to the list without going through the moderator at this writing.

To subscribe, send a blank message with the subject Subscribe to

My comments: A wide variety of Friends posts on this list, with a wide variety in content. There is a fair amount of real spiritual content on the list. Volume varies greatly; sometimes almost nonexistent and sometimes quite heavy.


Quaker-P was split-off from Quaker-L to just cover Quaker peace and social justice concerns. Same administrators, but no moderation.

To subscribe, send a blank message with the subject Subscribe to

My comments: At this writing, quite active. Content varies a lot.

Conservative Friend

Conservative Friend is an email list for those interested in Conservative Friends. You must register to participate. It has a moderator.
My comments: Fairly high volume list, ranging over a variety of topics.


Friends-Church "was created for Friends to discuss current events, trends, new ministries, job openings, etc. in an evangelical forum. Participation in the list implies that the subscriber acknowledges the following: 1) The Bible is the inspired written word of God. 2) Jesus is God the Son. 3) It is only by the blood of Jesus Christ that we can be reconciled to God." (NOTE: The list administrator means by participation the posting of messages to the list. Those who don't feel they can acknowledge the 3 points are welcome to "lurk" on the list, and thus gain insight on Friends with an evangelical outlook.) Evangelicals wishing to discuss theology and biblical interpretation should use the companion list, Friends-Theology, for that purpose.
My comments: This list succeeded in being pretty much what it is designed to be. However, over time volume has dropped to very occasional.


Friends-Theology "was designed for evangelical, Christ centered Friends to discuss theology and biblical interpretation with each other." Evangelicals wishing to discuss the practical side of ministry as well as current topics in the Friends church should use the companion list, Friends-Church, for that purpose.
My comments: This list is varied in content, and has a somewhat broader group of participants than one might expect from the description. It is only sporadically active.


Quaker-Roots is a list for the exploration of Quaker roots in family trees.

    To subscribe, send the message


    To receive it in digest format, add the following as a second line to your message



Quaker-B is a mailing list "for Friends and attenders of Britain Yearly Meeting, and others elsewhere who share our aims and interests, or who wish to learn about them."
My comments: A fairly high volume list. Wide range in subject matter. Generally good-natured.

Quaker Spectrum

Quaker Spectrum is an unmoderated general Quaker list open to all and inviting messages about any matter related to Friends or Friends' concerns.

My comments: At this writing, there are hardly any posts on this list.
© by Bill Samuel. Do not reprint in whole or in part without prior permission of the author, except for limited quoting in accordance with "fair use" principles. You are welcome to link to this page.

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videos and other products.

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A Living Faith: An Historical and Comparative Study of Quaker Beliefs
Cover imageWilmer Cooper, founding Dean of Earlham School of Religion, provides an historical look at the beliefs of Friends (Quakers). Includes study questions.
Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home
Cover imageRichard J. Foster. Describes 21 types of Christian prayer. Harper San Francisco, 1992. 288 pages.
Journal of George Fox
Cover imageThe auto- biography of the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Celebration of Discipline
Cover image20th Anniversary Edition of Richard J. Foster's million- selling work on Christian spiritual disciplines.
Imagination & Spirit: A Contemporary Quaker Reader
Cover imageA selection of excerpts from 15 contemporary Quaker authors who reached the mainstream market. See review.

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The Peaceable Kingdom
by Edward Hicks
29 in. x 23 in.

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