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Bill Samuel, August 4, 2002
Bill Samuel
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Occasional site and general Quaker news
Edited by Bill Samuel, Webservant,
July 13, 2003
Issue No. 21 Site News

At the Site

Once again it has been quite a while since I've published a Newsletter. Welcome to the many new subscribers. There have been several projects in mind, but it has been taking time to get them completed and up. Here is some of the new content:

Imagination and Spirit: A Contemporary Quaker Reader - review by Bill Samuel of this volume of selections from the writings of 15 contemporary Quaker authors who published in the popular market, edited by J. Brent Bill.

[Deleted reference to story removed for security reasons.]

More Quaker News
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Quakers meet at UPJ, share vision of peace

Local newspaper reports on 2003 annual Gathering of Friends General Conference.
The Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), July 2, 2003

Historic Snow Camp drama turns 30

The Sword of Peace, the outdoors drama regarding Quakers and the Revolutionary War, marks 30 years of being produced near Snow Camp, North Carolina.
The Courier Tribune (Asheboro, North Carolina), June 24, 2003

Keep Watching

New links to Quaker news, from both the mass media and Quaker sources, are frequently added on the main page of Keep checking back for the latest.

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Recommended Books: see all items
A Living Faith: An Historical and Comparative Study of Quaker Beliefs
Cover imageWilmer Cooper, founding Dean of Earlham School of Religion, provides an historical look at the beliefs of Friends (Quakers). Includes study questions.
Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home
Cover imageRichard J. Foster. Describes 21 types of Christian prayer. Harper San Francisco, 1992. 288 pages.
Journal of George Fox
Cover imageThe auto- biography of the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Celebration of Discipline
Cover image20th Anniversary Edition of Richard J. Foster's million- selling work on Christian spiritual disciplines.
Imagination & Spirit: A Contemporary Quaker Reader
Cover imageA selection of excerpts from 15 contemporary Quaker authors who reached the mainstream market. See review.

Recommended Art Print: see all prints

The Peaceable Kingdom
by Edward Hicks
29 in. x 23 in.

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