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Registration Form
for Silent Retreats at Aircastle




Phone (      )____________________

E-mail __________________________________


[   ] Please register me/us for the Silent Retreat on:_______________________.

[   ] $_______check enclosed (cost is $90/person).

[   ] Please send me a financial aid form.
(We encourage you first to seek assistance from your church, monthly or yearly meeting.)

[   ] Check if this is your first time at a silent retreat.

[   ] Special Dietary Requirements: ________________________________

[   ] Allergies: __________________________

[   ] Physical Disabilities: __________________________

We regret that Aircastle is not wheelchair accessible.

Please make checks payable to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, earmarked for the School of the Spirit Ministry.

Send this form along with your check to:

School of the Spirit Ministry
c/o Michael Green
1306 Hillsborough Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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